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... the mixture of acoustic and electric guitars blends perfectly with the light and airy vocals of ena b. Three minutes of lightness and a breath of fresh air. Your chill playlists are asking for more.
Melancholy in music cannot be implemented much more magnificently.
Bachinger, who began her musical studies several years ago in Jerusalem, brings together a variety of textures and styles to this immediately arresting and ultimately rewarding offering. The results are a smoky and atmospheric mid-tempo number that catches the listener’s attention both with its western-tinged sepia groove, its pop sensibility, and, most importantly, the warm, wise-beyond-her-years vocals, which at times recall the late great British singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl.
Indie Republik
"Make Room"
Musically the song features a mellow finger-picked, clean electric guitar paired with Verena’s subdued yet soulful and heartfelt lead vocal. Strings color the mix along with minimalist percussion and bass. Soft background vocal harmonies swell in the chorus. The sound is soft, sad and beautiful.
The atmosphere of this record is unique and the production work is polished. It was a great experience from start to finish and left us very excited to listen to aka Verena Bachinger’s next projects.
Verena Bachinger exhibits herself as a singer whose voice has something charismatic about it, a vibration that sounds more confident than vulnerable. With “Break the Hush“ the young songwriter has definitely made a really impressive debut, one that makes you want more.
Music Austria
"Break the Hush"

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